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Defining Our Strategy

If you flip to the “S” section of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you will find the definition of strategy. But let’s get real, you probably haven’t flipped to a section of a dictionary in a long time. So, if you Google “strategy” you will find the definition is – a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal over a long period of time.

The goal of KCHP is our Mission Statement which is to advance public health by promoting the safe and appropriate use of medications through advocacy and education. Your Board – or Chefs– have been hard at work developing the Strategic Plan – or Menu – to achieve this goal.

I am proud to share KCHP’s new Strategic Plan which can be found on our website. Our plan is modeled after ASHP’s Strategic Plan which is divided into three categories – Our Patients, Our Members, and Our Organization. Under each category are Strategic Priorities and Goals intended to be accomplished in 3-5 years. A Board Member is assigned to each Goal.

This is where you come in. As mentioned at the Spring Meeting – YOU are the ingredients that will allow us to achieve our goals. Below are a few member engagement opportunities, but more will be coming throughout the year. If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact the assigned Board member. I hope you will take the time to volunteer for one of these current or upcoming opportunities and use your passion, talents, and dedication to serve our organization and ultimately our patients.




Serve on the KCHP Policy Committee

Task 1 – Host a policy forum for KCHP members to generate policy ideas to present to the ASHP House of Delegates (Propose at least three new recommendations for the 2018 ASHP House of Delegates.)

Task 2 – Create requirements to be nominated as a Kansas delegate for the ASHP House of Delegates

Task 3 – Create expectations for those serving as a Kansas delegates for the ASHP House of Delegates

Task 4 – Evaluate the need for KCHP position statements for relevant issues

Director of Governmental Affairs – Kat

Serve on the KCHP Governmental Affairs Committee

Task 1 – Create a multi-organizational task force to review the Pharmacy Practice Act and Provider Status by January 2018

Task 2 – Ensure a KCHP Board Member is present at each Kansas Board of Pharmacy meeting

Task 3 – Participate on the Board of Pharmacy Technician and Rural Nurse Task Force

Task 4 – Provide advocacy summaries to members monthly.  Include advice on grassroots advocacy.

Task 5 – Actively build relationships with affiliate organizations through lobbying efforts

Director of Governmental Affairs – Kat


Serve on the KCHP Communications Committee

Task 1 – Update website monthly (or more often as needed) with hot topics and info for members

Task 2 – Provide weekly social media posts and create a KCHP Instagram account

Task 3 – Use the KCHP website and social media accounts to celebrate member achievements

Task 4 – Utilize ASHP resources (e.g. KCHP Connect) to communicate to members

Task 5 – Create a Members Only section of the KCHP website with valuable information

President-Elect – Christina Graham


Creating a Recipe for Success

Happy June! The flowers are in full bloom, the grass and trees are green, the pools are open, and the hot days of summer are just around the corner!

At the KCHP Spring Meeting in March I compared KCHP to baking a cake, since one of my favorite hobbies is baking. The first thing you need in order to bake something is a kitchen. KCHP got a new “kitchen” last year when we partnered with Q&A Business Solutions as our new management company. We have been working diligently on this transition getting our finances in order, updating our membership list, and cleaning up the website. We still have work to do but these are essential first steps in allowing us to identify opportunities to support our Mission - to advance public health by promoting the safe and appropriate use of medications through advocacy and education. We are also working on improvements so you can experience a smooth process when renewing your membership, registering for the Spring Meeting next year, and navigating the member benefits on the KCHP website. We also want to ensure that you receive timely communication from KCHP so you know what KCHP is doing for you and when you are needed in a call to action.

To continue with the baking analogy I see our Board Members as the chefs of our organization. Through the work of our Organizational Task Force two years ago we now have two new “chefs” which include the Director of Governmental Affairs (Kat Miller) and the Director of Education (Ricky Ogden). How fitting that those two positions coincide nicely with the two initiatives in our mission statement of advocacy and education. In order to not have “too many cooks in the kitchen” we also reconfigured our District Director positions from five to three as we felt that it was still important to have geographical representation on the Board but wanted the new Director positions to support our mission.

On June 14th your KCHP Board will meet for a Strategic Planning session. During this session we will identify the goals and objectives for the organization and assign them to each of our Board positions so each “chef” has a clearly defined menu. We will also determine what member involvement opportunities will be necessary for each Board member to carry out their goals and objectives.

We have an exciting year ahead of us, but I do have an ASK of every KCHP member. If the Board members are the cooks for this organization YOU are the ingredients that allow us to create something great. We require your passion, talents, and dedication to carry out the mission of our organization. And we need to know what your talents and passions are.

This month I ask that each of you email one or all of the Board members telling us how you can be an ingredient in the current and future success of this organization.

Do you have an interest in advocacy and you’re wondering what KCHP is doing to advocate for provider status? Email Kat Miller, our new Director of Governmental Affairs and let her know that you want to get involved.

Are you a technician who noticed that we changed our name from the Kansas Council of Health-System Pharmacists to Health-System Pharmacy and have ideas about how KCHP can support technicians? Email Tonya Galyean our Board Technician Representative.

Do you live in a rural area and worry about access to pharmacy services in your community? Email your District Director your ideas for how KCHP can support Rural Pharmacy services.

With Q&A Business Solutions as our kitchen, Board members as chefs, and you as ingredients I believe we can create some great recipes to help KCHP carry out its mission to advance public health. Because at the end of the day, all of the time and effort we put in participating on committees, attending meetings, and reading messages like this – isn’t really for the organization or even for the profession. At the end of the day the people who really benefit from our efforts in KCHP are our patients.

I look forward to serving as your President over this next year and I am excited to see what we can accomplish!

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